EBMC Company overview

Welcome to East Bay Management Consultant, a professional consulting firm in areas of Project Management, Educational Consultancy, Career Training and Leadership Management. The historical background is routed from the innovative idea by the founder of the firm during his graduate school back at The University of Wisconsin La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA and later the idea came effective when the founder moved to California, USA whereby this initiative was named as Youth Empowerment and Project Organisation (YEPO) in 2004 together with other Tanzanian graduate students.

Later in 2007 when its founders started returning back in their homeland (Tanzania) after their successful studies, YEPO was incorporated and formed as an empowerment and mentorship group in areas of youth training, capacity building and career development consultancies in Tanzania. Later on, in 2013 YEPO was rebranded as East Bay Management Consultants (EBMC Solutions).

East Bay is a name commonly known for San Francisco Bay Area in California, United States. EBMC Solutions refers the connection between San Fransisco Bay Area and East Coast of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. EBMC Solutions is a fully registered consulting firm under Firm Registration Act Cap 213 of the United Republic of Tanzania with Index Registration No. 226028. The services offered range from project management expertise to business solutions in all sectors to help organizations and individuals to have solutions in their work business performance. Through our affiliate partners we provide high-quality professional consulting services that span both technical and cultural issues. EBMC Solutions treat technologies as tools in a toolchest, conducting research studies using latest models, providing project monitoring and evaluation tools and use them to offer practical solutions and achievable results. EBMC Solutions brings expertise, extensive experience, ability and fast tracking project management skills to all types of projects. Through experience in various industries EBMC Solutions brings the best training, coaching and mentoring.