The Areas of Practice

Simply giving much more.

EBMC team bring special skills, knowledge and practices to assist, support and advices various sectors. The aim is to provides oversight and leadership in project implementation from designing to completion. Our professional project management services cover:
i. Theoretical and conceptualization of project management.
ii. Technical & best practice aspect
iii. PMO deployment, operation and enhacement
iv. Project management maturity advancement.
EBMC solutions also offers PM training, Project staffing, Project documentation, Project governance, Project auditing and Project impacts & assessment.

EBMC team come from different education backgrounds. To promote the quality of education requires the team that understand the environments and challenges facing education sector.We acknowledge that education sector especially in Sub-Sahara Africa still face alot of challenges. Our aim is to work with local and international NGOs, CSO, Charities, Foundations to ensure:
i. Accessibility of good education
ii. Availability of tools in our schools
iii.Curriculum development and enhancement
iv. Empowerment and capacity building within the schools and colleges
EBMC ready to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure there is sustainability of education for all

Career development simply means "how you can grow within or outside your current comfort zone". Our services includes guidance, advice, support and training to reach your full potentials.We offer various career development courses both online and onsite, such as:
i. Resume writing and interview guide
ii. Academic proposal writing
iii. Research projects, dissertation and thesis guidance
Research methodology and statistical softwares
iv. On job trainings etc
Several courses on sales, productivity, governance, customer services, performances are design to upskill everyone that aim for career growth.

Research simply refers to "systematic and objective investigation in order to discover the relevant information. Our research methodology, data collection and management will provide you with full picture on the grounds.

Capacity building can be of a short-term or long-term development strategy. It involves the processes of change and aims to enable people or organisations to respond to economic or/and social needs. Simply address the need of competencies, capabilities and capacities of individual or a group.

M & E are essential components of any sector that are result based management during project or programme life cycle.An effective M&E provides the strategic information so that it can be used to make informed decisions.