Augustine Mutakyahwa (PhD)

Dr.Augustine A.Mutakyahwa is EBMC Solutions founder and Principal Consultant with experience in traditional as well as agile project management more than 15 years in the field. He holds Bachelor’s degree of science from Sokoine University of Agriculture (2001), Masters of Arts in Economics from California State University (2008), Postgraduate Diploma in Project Monitoring and Evaluation from Cavedish University, Zambia (2010), Masters of Arts in Project Planning and Management from University of Dar es Salaam (2017), and Doctor of Philosophy from University of Johanesburg (2021). Dr Muta is the senior management of the firm overseeing and controlling most of day to day activities. He is the incharge of several lead consultants as well as holds the clients' hands from the beginning to the end of all required deliverables by ensuring that the firm addresses the client' needs. Dr Muta has a strong knowledge and practice of project management in various sectors. His strong research methodologies include qualitative and quantitative approach as well as effective use of various statistical softwares such as minitab, forecastx, SPSS, Atlas.ti,Nvivo etc. His research focus areas include project governance, stakeholder management and project performance. Dr Muta has published a number of research articles in various international journals.

Hamis Kassongo

Mr Hamis Kassongo has more than 15 years of consulting experience working primarily in developmental projects with focus on project planning and management as well as monitoring and evaluation. Mr Kassongo has also spent more than 15 years working in microfinance enterprise leping several small and medium entrepreneurs in expanding their business through capacity building, training as well as setting up and helping various people to establish enterprise business from zero capital. His expertise on agricultural, educational and health sector, Mr Kassongo has participated and worked with local and international non-governmental organisations such as RUDI, JAICA, WFB, JIA, UNHCR, SOS Village, UN-HABITAT etc. He holds the Diploma in Education from Mpwapwa Teachers College (2003), Bachelor degree in Rural Development Planning from IRDP-Dodoma and Masters of Arts in Project Planning and Management from University of Dar es Salaam (2017). Mr Kassongo has received numerous recognitions and awards, attended several conferences in Africa, USA and Europe.

Independent Consultants

EBMC Management Consultants firm collaborate and engage with independent various freelancers from the market that demonstrate high quality of knowledge, skills and expertise in various fields, such as analysts, auditors, change management specialists, IT specialist, agriculturalists, foresters, medical doctors, engineers, academicians, coaches, mentors and researchers in order to provide the clients with best results.
The essence of collaborative partnership is to ensure the end products/deliverables are mutual beneficial by working together in order to supplement one another's expertise.