Welcome to East Bay Management Consultant

Paving the way to professional training, quality research and career development.

To provide number one professional management consultanting through services in a best practise to become centre of excellence.


The vision is to be the best team that work smarter, manage better, and deliver with confidence.


Our values constitute a core element of prosperity, empowerment and professionalism. Our flexibility and focused mind excel who we are!

To partner with public and private sectors as well as local and international NGOs and CSOs through
high quality research services and trainingfor socio-economic impacts.

EBMC Services

EBMC Management Consultants provides a wide range of research, training and consulting services to the various partners.
Project Managment Consultancy

EBMC team bring special skills, knowledge and practices to assist, support and advices various sectors. The aim is to provides oversight and leadership in project implementation from designing to completion.


EBMC team come from different education backgrounds. To promote the quality of education requires the team that understand the environments and challenges facing education sector.

Career Development

Career development simply means "how you can grow within or outside your current comfort zone". Our services includes guidance, advice, support and training to reach your full potentials.

Research Methodology &
Data Management

Research simply refers to "systematic and objective investigation in order to discover the relevant information. Our research methodology, data collection and management will provide you with full picture on the grounds.

Capacity Building

Capacity building can be of a short-term or long-term development strategy. It involves the processes of change and aims to enable people or organisations to respond to economic or/and social needs. Simply address the need of competencies, capabilities and capacities of individual or a group.

Monitoring & Evaluation

M&E are essential components of any sector that are result based management during project or programme life cycle.An effective M&E provides the strategic information so that it can be used to make informed decisions.