Welcoming note from Founder and Consultant

Augustine Mutakyahwa

Dear Partner and Friend,
Thank you for visiting this website. I am proud to have you at this time. This website will you give you a wide range of services and different activities done at East Bay Management Consultant (EBMC Solutions). You will learn from this website that EBMC Solutions started as Youth Empowerment Project Organisation (YEPO) in 2004. As a founder, the idea to start YEPO came while I was in a dormitory Laux Hall, room 17 at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, USA as an International student, first year graduate student and as a brand new person in American culture. The idea came because of life challenges that I faced during youth life in Tanzania as well as during my journey to America continent. Together with fellow graduate students from Tanzanians from different university, YEPO initiatives become active when i moved to California State University – East Bay, Hayward, California for economics major.

EBMC Solutions is a unique consulting firm dedicated to bring out the best in all its members (partners, government, NGOs, friends, clients and volunteers). The aim is to provide the best possible consulting services including but not limited to educational consultancy, youth empowerment programs,  capacity building, coaching and mentoring and career development. I believe that sustainability is a key for all services offered at EBMC Solutions, therefore, we provides expertise on various research methodologies, project management, monitoring and evaluation of projects to measure the impact and sustainability in the community where we serve. While some might think EBMC Solutions operate as a profit making consulting firm, the reality relies on the fact that  the firm is centered on what  can contribute to the individuals, a society and community at national and international level where we provide services.

I hope you will find this website helpful and interesting. Should you not find what you are looking for, please let me know and I will be grateful to have a chat with you. I warmly welcome and encourage you to work with us for better life changes in our community for present and future betterment of our people.


Augustine Mutakyahwa (Bsc – SUA, MA Economics – California, MA Project Planning and Management – UDSM, CAPM – PMI)
Founder and Consultants

EBMC Team and Partner Consultants

Augustine Mutakyahwa
EBMC Solutions Founder and Senior Consultant

Augustine Andrew Mutakyahwa is EBMC Solutions founder and Senior Consultant
with experience in project management more than 15 years in the field. He holds
bachelor’s degree of science from Sokoine University of Agriculture in 2001.

Mr Augustine has graduated with Master of Arts in Economics from California State University – East Bay, California, USA in 2008. In his economic degree, he majored in comparative economics and labour economics. In 2013 he graduated with Postgraduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from University of Dar es Salaam. In 2017 he graduated from College of Social Science, University of Dar es Salaam with Master’s degree in Project Planning and Management. Mr Augustine is currently a doctoral research fellow majoring in project governance.


More than 15 years he has worked in different projects and programs whereby these projects and programs have exposed him locally and internationally with different experts in the field. In his senior role, he has acted in different capacities including designing and formulation of project governance framework, project policies, processes and procedures. For more than 8 years he has built the capacity of project teams as well as formulation of strong and effective Project Management Office (PMO)

Mr. Augustine has attended several seminars, workshops and he has conducted several training courses in project management, capacity building and career development in different forum including colleges and universities in Tanzania

Since 2008 he has been licensed by Project Management Institute, USA as a
professional Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). Mr Augustine has
strong research methodologies both quantitative and qualitative approach. He is
conversant with various statistical software such as minitab, forecastX, SPPS, nVivo
and ATLAS.ti
He believes that “To learn and a gaining more knowledge require a learner to get out
of his/her comfort zone despite how much knowledge he/she has acquired. Learning
is a discipline and a continuous process!”


Hamis Kassongo
Senior Project Management Consultant

 Mr Hamis Kassongo has more than 15 years of consulting experience working primarily in developmental projects with focus on project planning and management as well as monitoring and evaluation. Mr Kassongo has also spent more than 15 years working in microfinance enterprise leping several small and medium entrepreneurs in expanding their business through capacity building, training as well as setting up and helping various people to establish enterprise business from zero capital.


Mr Hamis Kassongo holds Master of Project Planning and Management from University of Dar es Salaam, Bachelor of Science in Rural Planning and Development from Institute of Rural Development and Planning. He also possesses strong research skills in developing data collection tools, focus group discussion and he is well conversant both using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Mr Kassongo has assisted in roles relating to growth-enabling, market-entry strategy, and sales and marketing. He has also held senior roles both local and international assignment in managing the team which has taken him to attend various seminars, training and workshops in USA, Europe and various countries in Africa.


Joyce Runyeta
Educational Consultant

Joyce holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University, Rexburg –Idaho, USA. Joyce has earned International Baccalaureate certificate in written curriculum. Among of workshops she has attended include Routine and creating a culture of learning and thinking, Assessed Curriculum, Motivation breath through structure etc.

Joyce’s philosophy is that “each child is unique and learns in different way. One of my job as a teacher is to help your child discover his or her individuality and work alongside with them to maximize it”.

 Joyce Runyeta is an independent educational consultant, whereby she brings a number of credentials and experience in education sector. Over 10 years she has worked in different capacities including curriculum development. At EBMC Solutions, Joyce’s interest is to see how different curriculum can help the students to be more successful in their lives and how they can apply their knowledge into conceptual understanding and apply the skills learned in their daily activities. Joyce leads the firm in its mission to deliver the best client results in the educational management consulting industry. 

She has a well-earned reputation as an honest, direct, and passionate advocate who has the drive, knowledge, and ability to affect change and directly assist students who are struggling, and their families. She is especially passionate about working with children, adolescents and their families as well as teachers, government and non-profit organisation addressing challenges related to student performance, study environment, self-esteem and everyday stressors.




Hilda Kassara
Career Training Consultant

Mrs Kassara holds a Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management from Mzumbe University, Postgraduate Diploma in Law Mediation and Arbitration from Institute of Social Work and Diploma in Banking from Institute of Finance Management (IFM). She is a Certified trainer, Certified Learning Consultant and Performance management.

Mrs Kassara has attended several training and workshops including

KPMG – Kenya, Association of Tanzania Employers, Deloitte Global and NWSC – ISEC, South Africa. Her professional achievement include award such as Certified Learning Consultant and Certified Trainer.

Mrs Hilda Kassara is the executive consultant at EBMC Consultants providing her independent consulting in all areas of organisation performance such as life skills, team building and customer service.

Mrs Kassara has extensive experience in human resource management in more than 10 years with strong focus on Learning and Development of which has provided her an extensive knowledge in change implementation, with a specialty in large-scale performance management and talent management. Her experience includes: team functional transformations, implementing structural change, team building and career goal planning and program deployment.

Prior to her current career, Mrs Kassara has worked more than 10 years in retail where she also acquires extensive knowledge in customer service. She holds deep expertise in corporate business by understanding who customer is and why organisation cannot survive without caring their customers.



Fatuma A Nyange
Junior Consultant

Mrs Fatuma Nyange holds a Bachelor of Science in Rural Development Planning and Investment from Institute of Rural Development and Planning, Dodoma. She has gone extensive training in all areas of management consultancy, possesses strong skills in project management and and she is well conversant both on client engagement as well as establishing the client needs during her marketing and sale activities. Her basic training include applied social research skills, entrepreneurship and small business management,  agricultural development and planning, rural and investment planning.

Mrs Fatuma A Nyange joined EBMC Solutions as a junior consultant. She understands that our main goal is to provide a high quality customer services and professional management training and consulting services to satisfy the needs of the country’s development and growth of business sector. Therefore, Mrs Fatma Nyange has gone through learning and gaining knowledge in consulting skills with ambition becoming senior consultant in the near future. Among of her daily work is to find and build a strong relationship between EBMC Solutions and clients. She spent a lot of time researching, marketing and establish EBMC Solutions – Client relationship.

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