EBMC Management Consultants was initially established as Youth Empowerment & Practice Organization (YEPO) in 2004 in San Francisco, United States by Tanzanian graduate students. The organization aim to helps Primary schools, Secondary schools, Colleges, Universities and individual students to set their academic goals and position themselves for success as they plan the next step in the their career education. Career education helps individuals to develop the knowledge and skills they need to choose and pursue a career path.
Our consultant team use training, coaching, mentoring and counseling programmes to help schools, colleges, universities either using one-to-one conversation or group-based conversations.
As it is well known, this age is moving at a breath taking speed with change in cultural diversity, technology etc – all in every sphere of human life and the sector of education is not left apart, that is why, considering such dynamic environments EBMC.
Management Consultants wish to collaborates with students, parents, schools,
colleges etc to shape the future of their expectations.

The Beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.