Travel Abroad and Overseas Study Services

Travel abroad and visit other countries can be a great experience and an enjoyable moment. However, not all travelers will experience the same. Whether you are travelling for Work, Study, Business, Family visit, or Holidays by either individual or in a group you will need to find out what checklist to consider before you go.

If this is your first time to visit that country and whether you will stay for few days or several months, what you need is to plan ahead of time to ensure that your time abroad is both enjoyable and safe. EBMC Solutions advises you to pay attention to the requirements and conditions as per country immigration and visa requirements before you spend a coin to any preparations.  With vast knowledge, experience and well-informed consultants that have undertaken their academic qualifications, visited and worked from all six continents, our services will give you breath of mind to make necessary travel arrangements.

Study Abroad Services

  •  Understand  types college or university programs offered
  • Understand types of college or university admission criteria
  • Get to know about SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL exams etc
  • Get admission to your most favourable college or university
  • F1 Visa application and training on how to respond during interview
  • International student status in foreign country (country of study)
  • Scholarship, grant, bursaries or any financial assistance and requirements
  • Specialized person attention and support throughout the admission process

Work, Business trip and Family visit Visa Services

  • .Guidelines to consider before applying the visa
  • Checklist to consider before visa interview
  • Basic information needed prior visa interview
  • Types of visa applicable based on individual or group needs

We, at EBM Solutions works to help all applicants to design your travel preparations in foreign countries, which will be most suitable for you. We understand most applicants fail to get admission as well the required visa because of:

* Lack of proper and correct information
* Failure to understand and prepare the correct documentation
* Failure to understand key and basic questions during visa application and interview
* Lack of exposure and experience
* Using wrong agencies who everyone pretend to be experts/professionals