Elementary or Primary School Program

  • It is not a secret that our elementary school education in Africa, East Africa or Tanzania in particular face a lot of challenges both for private and public schools. Not all parents manage to send their children in the nursery school to prepare them for primary school education. Even those parents that manage to send their children in the nursery school still experience the challenges of their children not coping well with school environment. On the other hand, our primary school teaching environment face a major bottleneck issues. The question remains, what are challenges which contribute to students' and teachers' failure to meet their goals and what should be done to improve the performance?
    EBMC Solutions believes that each stakeholder has a role to play to improve elementary school learning environment by assisting parents, teachers, students, governance agencies, NGOs and partners to improve the quality of education. But more important is, to mentor our students, coach the teachers and encourage parents in order for all to meet their obligations
    Our consulting services center on the various modules including but not limited to;
    * Shape a student at early stage to master primary school environment
    * Breath of fresh air, shape their goals and dreams at early stage
    * Raising aspirations of students
    * Building internal motivation
    * Develop attitude of personal study
    *Special training to primary teachers to inspire students
    *Special programs for girls and boys separately to determine their potentials in life
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