Project Management

Why most of projects fail? Why should you invest resources and spent lot of time for a project that won’t meet your expectations? All these type of questions might have different answers! Proper planning and well organized managing of projects is an inseparable tool.
Our services cover all stages of project management from developing project scope, proposal to the stage of project delivery. 

Our services include;

• Project concept paper preparation
• Project statement and proposal write up
• Project planning
• Project monitoring and execution
• Project administration and closure


Through our dedicated project team, for each project or program we develop a work breakdown structure and organize all tasks to establish time frames and ensure the deadlines are met. Using approved methodologies and project tools we assist our clients to ensure their projects are executed,
monitored, accessed and well delivered. You are not late, among of services that our clients benefits before and after implementing their projects are;

• Doing impact assessment for each projects even before project being implemented
• Developing monitoring and evaluation system tools
• Developing project plan and assist to monitor the projects until agreed delivery date
• Cost and time management based on business and organization process and procedures
• Managing the risks and performing quality assurance and control

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Does a well designed project need a monitoring and evaluation tool? If no, then why do we need a project manager?

Despite of a good project is, monitoring and evaluation are all parts of results – based project management. The key idea underlying project cycle management, and specifically monitoring and evaluation, is to help those responsible for managing the resources and activities of a project to enhance development results along a continuum, from short –term to long – term.

The project evaluation and impact assessment process determines if planned goals and objectives were actually achieved. EBMC provides the expertise to comprehensively document the accomplishments of a program and identify the contextual constraints and facilitating factors that have influenced the implementation and effectiveness of
program activities. Clients can then use these results to strengthen the future design and replication of effective programs and strategies.
Through screening and scoping process, EBMC will guide you in decision making whether the implemented project has brought a positive impact intended to or the project you are planning to implement will successfully meet its goals and objectives.
There is no doubt, our impact assessment will bring the full package and look all key areas involving the following;
• Impact Assessment Framework
• Impact Monitoring
• Impact Evaluation
• Impact Auditing

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