Secondary School Program

There are many challenges that are facing secondary school education in Africa, East Africa and also Tanzania as well. Unlike primary or elementary school, secondary school environment environment is a bit challenge for teachers, parents and student as well. This is the time whereby students both girls and boys are entering in adolescence age, whereby their bodies undergoes biological changes. If there is no proper guidelines provided to this age group, then expect behavior change, loose of education focus and definitely their dreams to enter the college or universities might vanish away.

The research study and also based on our experience shows that girls become vulnerable with secondary school environment. The rate of pregnancy for girls has been increasing year after year. For boys, most of drop out is caused by behavior change due to alcoholism, engaging on casual labors, harmful drug abuse etc. Whom should we blame, the parents, teachers, students or the government?

EBMC Solutions works with innovative education partners, NGOs, governance, school system, parents etc to create better opportunities for students to lead choice-filled lives. Our aim is to transform education sector around the communities, schools or individual parents by presenting what is important for them in an educational experience, and present them with options that we believe are the best fit.

Most of modules covered include but not limited to;

* Motivational tutoring in all subjects
Developing self-esteem and confidence in order to help student to discover their unique potentials
* Student with social/behavior problems
* Coping boarding school environment and managing day school program
* Managing financial and planning for their studies
* Connecting students with alumni network through special presentation, motivational speaking and career development
* Adolescence and maturity awareness